Together with our partners we offer

  • Advice on the registration of a legal entity in Slovenia.
  • Advice on managing a company and starting a business in Slovenia.
  • Solutions for moving to Slovenia that are right for you.
  • Registration of a legal entity without personal presence (by proxy)
  • English speaking accompaniment
  • Notary services during registration of a legal entity.
  • Purchase of already existing companies on the territory of the Republic of Slovenia.
  • Registration of any changes to the constituent documents of an already registered legal entity and communication with the authorized bodies of Slovenia.
  • Services for the preparation of documents for family reunification.
  • Social adaptation services (opening a bank account, making automatic bank payments for monthly expenses, buying a vehicle, obtaining Slovenian documents for foreigners - driving license, identity card, health insurance card, secondary and higher education for children, learning the Slovenian language, leisure... )

For questions about obtaining a residence permit, permanent residence, citizenship, please contact us by e-mail:

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