Property price growth is slowing down

Is the real estate market entering a cooling phase and stopping the rise in real estate prices? We have been saying for some time now that the real estate market has changed and that actual average real estate sales prices are actually 5-15% lower than the average advertised or seller's desired prices. However, in recent days, information and articles by analysts have also appeared in the ...


Where are the most expensive apartments in Europe?

New data shows where housing is the most expensive in Europe and where people are willing to pay more for it. What's happening in Slovenia? According to the Resolution Foundation, residents of Finland pay the most for housing, followed by the British. A British think tank found that residents of Finland spend 24 percent of their total expenses on housing, much higher than the EU average of ...


German property prices have fallen to record lows, but they continue to rise in Ljubljana

Germany saw its biggest fall in house prices since 2000 last year. The German statistical bureau Destatis calculated that houses in urban areas fell the most, namely by 11 percent. According to calculations by the German Federal Statistical Office Destatis, residential property prices in Germany (house price index) decreased by 8.4 percent compared to 2022. Leading German real estate ...


You asked us. We answer. Investment opportunities.

Analysis of the construction and commercial real estate market.


Slovenia is a country for a happy childhood

Slovenia is one of three countries in the world where there are all conditions for a cloudless, happy and safe childhood.

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