4 room Apartment, Podutik

  • PS99999999999502S
  • Sale
  • 214,02 m²
  • 2024
Price: 602.250 €

Basic data

Transaction: Sale
Add`s code: PS99999999999502S
Type of facility: Apartment
Type: 4 room
Region: Ljubljana
Location: Podutik
Area more detailed: Šiška
Year of construction: 2024
Floor: ground floor
Size: 214,02 m²


Ljubljana, new building.

In Podutik, in close proximity to nature, two four-apartment townhouses ("dvoyka") are being built. The new buildings have a modern architectural design, functional and thoughtful layouts. Each half of a twin townhouse has two living units, i.e. total of 8 residential units. The houses will have several floors K+P+1+T (basement + two floors + terraced upper floor) with atriums on the ground floor and large roof terraces. The atriums and terraces are oriented to the southwest, offering wonderful views of nature. Parking spaces for both apartments are provided on the ground floor, where there is also a storage room for each apartment.

The windows will be made of wooden, aluminum or wooden-aluminum frames with three-layer glass. Curtains will be installed - external aluminum blinds or motorized blinds. The entrance door will be burglar-proof and soundproof. Bathrooms and toilets will have standard plumbing fixtures and spacious showers.

The apartments will be equipped with a system of smart installations - “smart home”. They will be heated by a heat pump through underfloor heating. Thanks to high-quality thermal insulation and orientation of living spaces in such a way as to ensure maximum benefit from solar energy, the buildings are characterized by very low energy consumption.

The apartment includes a garage of 31.57 m2 and a storage room of 5.86 m2, they are on the ground floor.

The apartment with an atrium is located on the ground floor.



  • Garage 31.57 m2
  • Pantry 5.86 m2


  • Corridor 10.08 m2
  • Living room 43.5 m2
  • Bathroom 5.85 m2
  • Children's room 1: 11.55 m2
  • Children's room 2: 11.35 m2
  • Bedroom with dressing room 19.43 m2
  • Bathroom 5.00 m2
  • Elevator 2.10 m2
  • Balcony 6.25 m2


  • Wooden part 45.00 m2
  • Lawn 54.30 m2

The location is close to all the necessary infrastructure for a comfortable stay.

VAT, garage and storage room are already included in the price.

Photo is symbolic, for informational purposes only.

Additional transaction costs: commission fee 2% + VAT.

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